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Rock Inferno
Stop! Rock & Roll!

After 4 months of brain-melting ignition troubles and software battles, it is finally time to Stop, Rock and Roll! Now we are sharing our twist on a familiar experience and thrilled about it every step of the way.

Strap on a plastic guitar and brace yourself for a round of Rock Inferno! In our mash-up of pyrotechnics and video games, onlookers witness a participant furiously playing a guiter controller as colored notes roll down the projector screen. Each correct note played sends a fireball skyward through 5 corresponding flame throwers. If you miss a note, no fire, so keep those fingers hot on key.

Rock Inferno (formerly known as Fire Hero) made its world debut at Burning Man 2010 as an interactive fine art piece, thanks to the support and sponsorship of Camp Here. Thanks to everyone who helped set up, tear down, man the system, stopped by to play!

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